Never Forget The Price of Freedom

Who: J
When: 5/27/12
Where: Memorial Day services at church
What: *White jacket- Target *Navy top- thrifted, $2.50 *Grey skirt- Penney's *Shoes- Payless *Silver belt- thrifted, $1.50 *Necklace- New York & Co., gift from M

Ok, I have a tiny little confession to make.... yesterday, we had a long morning at church, so when I got home I just changed really quickly to some cooler clothes... and completely forgot to take outfit pics!! Grrrr! I really liked the patriotic outfit I put together, so this morning, I asked my dear sweet husband if he would take pictures for me if I put my outfit from yesterday back on. He gave me a strange look, but agreed. So, that's why my hair and makeup are a little sketchy :)! But, I got the outfit pics!! 

On a more serious note, as we celebrate Memorial Day weekend, let's make sure that we take time to remember the price paid by so many of our brave men and women so that we can free. God bless America, and God bless our troops!

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