Fifth Degree Red Belt

Who: M
When: 5/20/12
Where: Church, lunch at a friend's house, soul winning
What: *Shirt-Surburia (Mexican department store) $9 *Skirt- tailor-made $14 *Red belt-gift ( came in a bunch of clothes given to the cildren's home and Hna. Elena gave it to me) *Shoes-gift *Flower, grey necklace, bracelet, and earrings-gifts

First, let me say that I look awfully oily in these pictures because I took them at the end of a VERY hot Sunday... that being said, the next important thing to say is, I LOVE this outfit!! The funny thing is that on this Sunday, three other women wore this same skirt...which is slightly irritating, but to be expected since we had them made for one of the singing groups and 10 ladies have this exact same skirt!
The blessing of this outfit is that the red belt was given to me- I have been wanting a red belt, but have not had time or money to look for it, but God provided one for me!! These shoes are the same ones from way back in February, in the Red and Pink Together post- I've included a close up of them.

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