Thrifted Thursday- Purple Ruffles

My thrifted items for today are these purple, ruffly Steve Madden sandals. I actually consider these to be some of my thrifting "failboats." I bought these a couple of years ago at Twice As Nice in Sierra Vista, AZ, before I had really honed my thrifting skills. Consequently, I made the mistake of paying too much ($13) for shoes that I don't wear that much, don't "go" with that many things I own, aren't really my style, and are hard to walk in (they kind of flop around as you walk). Having said all of that, on the few occasions that I do wear them, I do get compliments. So, maybe my rookie mistake ended up not being that bad after all. :) 

Some tips I learned from this purchase:

- Only spend "serious" money on something you love! I know, I know, $13 isn't technically "serious" money... but in my little thrift shopping world, it is. Now that I'm a little more experienced, I would almost never spend that much on thifted shoes unless I LOVE them. For instance, I recently bought some Kate Spade sandals for $14... but I loved them, I have a slight obsession with Kate Spade, and I knew I would be thinking about them for weeks if I didn't buy them. I would also spend this much on quality boots, or maybe some other higher end shoes that I knew I'd wear alot... but not purple, ruffly sandals that are hard to walk in.

- Be careful about impulse purchases or "having" to find something. When I bought these shoes, I was looking for some shoes to go with a dress I wanted to wear the next day, and these were sitting on a shelf by the register- easy to grab without thought. Now, if I'm on the fence about something because of price, wearability, or other factors, I carry it around with me in the store for a while so I can think about it. Yes, you're spending way less than retail for it, but it's still wasted money if you're not going to wear it.

I hope you're enjoying Thrifted Thursdays, and maybe picking up a few tips. I'm thinking about asking some other thrifting experts to guest write for us, so keep checking back to see what we have going on! :)

Happy thrifting!


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