Purple With A Twist

Who: J
When: 4/27/12
Where: Running errands & sewing aprons
What: *Purple top- Walmart *White tank- Cato's *Denim skirt- Old Navy *Flip flops- Old Navy *Purse- Kathy Van Zeeland, thrifted

There are a couple of ladies at my church that always have the prettiest twists and updos. Their hair always looks so lovely, and perfect for summer, so I decided to try to copy them. I think I need a little more practice, but it's not too bad for my first (ok, second) try. As an added bonus, I twisted my hair up while it was still wet, so when I took it down, it was all twisty and wavy. Definitely something I'll try again!

Another thing about trying "fancy" things with your hair is that it "snazzies" (a word I made up) up just a plain tee and denim skirt. I couldn't help but feel just a little glamorous with my hair all pinned up... like maybe I could dance off to a ball.. a ball where you wear denim skirts and flip flops... ;)

P.S. You can't really see them well in these pics, but I'm LOVING my purple aviators- so cool!

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