Scarf It Down

Who: J
When: 4/23/12
Where: Grocery shopping
What: *Black shirt- Walmart *Denim skirt- Old Navy *Flip flops- Old Navy *Scarf- gift from in-laws *Bag- Kathy Van Zeeland, thrifted *Earrings- Tommy Hilfiger, Beall's Outlet

I forgot I had these pictures... I think I was trying to show that I am, indeed, making an effort to "elevate" my summer uniform of tees, denim skirts, and flip flops. I'm not sure how well that point is illustrated when my skirt looks like I had it balled up in a corner, though! ;) This may be the last time for a while that I wear a scarf because it's getting a little too warm here for scarves, even light weight ones. I promise I'll keep working on keeping snazzy this summer, though! :)

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