The Park After Dark

Who: M
When: Sometime in March
Where: school, tutoring, "family night"
What: *Black skirt-thrifted, $3 *Undershirt-Kmart, $7 *Sweater-Worthingtons, thrifted $2 *Shoes-Mexico, $5 *Necklace and watch-gift *Earrings-New Mexico gift shop, $5

The Murillos have "adopted" me into their family here in Mexico, so I enjoy family night as much as anyone else in their family!! :) This particular night was a fun one... I LOVE being outside! So I am always up for a trip to the park! Since everything in Mexico starts and ends late, it is not unusual for family night to start at 9 and end WHENEVER! This particular night we did some exercise at the park. We actually walked like a little over a mile...which added to the fact that I already walk about 2 miles everyday brought my mile count up for the day :) Then we did some of my ALL TIME favorite things to do is swing! Not so big on slides, but it made a cute picture! Hope you enjoy my night in the park!

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