Thrifted Thursday- Crossover

When J had the idea to do a Thrifted Thursday, I thought, "I pretty much do a 'thrifted' everyday..." If you have followed our blog any length of time, you probably have noticed that almost every one of my posts include at least one thrifted item. The item I am sharing today has been featured in several post before (herehere, and here). My thrifted item is my American Eagle cross-body purse. I purchased this purse about 6 years ago. This purse was one of those "I was not looking for it, but so glad I found it" finds! This purse has even traveled with me to China and Mexico. One of the things I love about this purse is that it is a cross-body bag, which were not super in when I bought it but they are now... Living in foreign countries makes one immensely more aware of one's purse because as a foreigner one is more vulnerable to pick-pockets. The strap on this purse is the perfect length. Also it is a good size...not too big, not too small... Also, the purse is made of my favorite material-corduroy!!

J said I needed to share some tips since I love thrifting, so here goes:

1. Plan to spend a good amount of time in the thrift store. Many are not well organized or the shelves and racks are overflowing with "good" stuff...
2. Remember that you may not find exactly what you are looking for right away. Thrift stores are not department stores with a predictable inventory. Some days you may not find ANY good deals or items, and other days you may find EXACTLY what you were looking for and much more!!

Happy thrifting!


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