Thrifted Thursday- Skirting the Issue

It's Thursday again!! Time for Thrifted Thursday! Yay! This last week, I've spent quite a bit of time in thrift shops, but I didn't get any clothes or accessories. I've been shopping for a tea set for my niece's birthday, and items for my sister's British themed baby shower... fun, fun!

My thrifted item for today is this purple knit skirt. When I saw it at the store on the hanger, my first thought was that it was kind of frumpy... you know- polyester/ cotton knit, wide elastic waistband, weird length, kind of full... but, it was 1/2 off, so I tried it on. I'm so glad I did! This skirt is so comfy- the fabric has way more cotton than polyester, so it's soft like my favorite tee... and, I realized it would never wrinkle. The waistband can be covered up, and I love the pockets. This is one of my favorite skirts now! I've been reading a vintage inspired clothing blog, Elegant Musings, and I've been wanting to add more vintage-y elements into some outfits, and I think the shape of this skirt worked very well to give this outfit a little dash of vintage.

Some tips I learned from this purchase:

- Be willing to give things a chance- Have an open mind and be willing to think creatively, especially if something is half off! If something is a great price, and anywhere near my size, I try to imagine how the item would work with the right accessories, or refashioned. Try things on- you may end up loving the drape or feel or cut of something ON you way more than you did when it was on the hanger. Having said that, be realistic- if you know that you'll never wear it, or won't get around to "fixing" it, just put it back- it's not a bargain if you'll never wear it!

- When you see something you may like, carry it around with you in the store while you decide. I mentioned this in last week's post, but if you hold on to it for a while, you'll have a chance to decide whether you really like it and will use it. Plus, if you don't grab it, someone else may. There have been several times I saw something I wanted, left it on the rack, and then came back 5 minutes later and it was gone. You can always put something back, but you can't take it out of someone else's cart if you waited to long to grab it (or so I've been told... repeatedly... hee hee).

- If you're trying a new "look" or want to incorporate a trend or vibe into your clothes (vintage, neon, feathers, etc.), check thrift stores! You'll only spend a few dollars or so on trying something new, so if you decided something isn't for you, you won't feel too horribly bad. 

If any of you have any great thrifting treasures from recent shopping trips, feel free to let us know! Who knows? We may feature you on an upcoming Thrifted Thursday!

Happy Thrifting!


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