There's Something Different In The Air On A Sunday

Who: M
When: Sunday (I can't remember the date!)
Where: bus route, church, out to eat, church :)
What: *Dress-Ross, $10 *T-shirt-Old Navy, $5 *Lace shrug-China, $ can't remember :) *Shoes-Target,$12 *Purse & bracelet-Mary Kay prizes *Watch-Tommy Hilfiger, gift *Earrings-gift *Flower-borrowed

I have been wanting to post pictures of this dress since the first day I got it...well, actually that is not exactly true, because we did not have a blog at that time... I LOVE this dress! Last summer, I was able to spend a few days with J, and one of the things we did was... you guessed it... SHOP!!! I found some really great, light-weight dresses that have been perfect for use here in Mexico!! Since I wear black and white almost everyday here in Mexico, I really wanted to add at least a little color to this dress, although I do think that its cuteness almost cancels out its "black and white"ness! I thought the purplish purse did a great job on adding just a bit of color to the outfit. Also, I must add that I have some cute platform sandals that I usually wear with this dress, but comfort won out over cuteness on this particular day :)

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