Thrifted Thursday- Soft as Butter

Yay!! Our very first Thrifted Thursday!! I hope you're at least half as excited as I am about this new feature! Why am I so excited about thrifting? What's not to be excited about? :) You have the excitement of the hunt, the thrill of knowing you scored a major find, the satisfaction of getting some exercise (ok, maybe not so much, but I do think that walking around a store and potentially carrying mounds of clothes should count for something), the relief of knowing you got some great stuff but didn't spend a fortune... see? Lots of exciting stuff! Seriously, though, whatever reason you thrift, or are interested in trying thrifting, I hope our Thrifted Thursdays will provide some helpful tips, and help you see what's out there!

And.... here it is.... our first thrifted item!

After months of keeping an eye out at all of my usual shopping spots, I finally found this beautiful, I mean, handsome leather coat. Guess who it's from? J. Crew!!! And the leather is as soft as butter.... I love it! Do you want to guess what I paid for it? It was originally $25, but the tag was the "color of the week" which made it half off... so, $12.50! Can you believe that? A J. Crew leather jacket for $12.50! There is a slight scrape on one sleeve, but it's hardly noticeable and just adds character. I definitely think that this is one of the best deals I've found!

Tips from this find:
- Keep looking! If there's something specific you're looking for, don't give up. Remember to check for that item at every thrift store you go to. 

- Shop the sales. I'm a little bit crazy in that I have a hard time buying even thrift store clothes at "full price." I try to always be aware of what color of tag is on sale that week and look for items with that tag color. Also, I know what day all of the different stores have their military discounts and take advantage of that if I can. I know I'm already saving a bunch of money shopping at a thrift store, but why not save just a little bit more? Having said that, though, if it's obviously a great deal and you LOVE it, go ahead and get it! Remember that you're still saving a ton compared to what you'd pay in a regular store!

- Have a mental (or written) list of things that you'd like to find. N didn't NEED a leather jacket, per se, and especially in April in El Paso, but it was something I had in mind that I wanted to find for him, so I always checked the racks at every thrift store I was at. Eventually, I found it! Some other things I'm keeping an eye out for right now are brown shoes, a mustard colored top, and navy items. That way, if I only have a little bit of time to pop in to a thrift store, I already have an idea of things to scan for.

I hope you've enjoyed our first Thrifted Thursday as much as I have! Make sure you check back in every week to see what we've found!


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