Church Pajamas

Who: J
When: 5/23/12
Where: Mid-week service at church
What: *Top- Beall's Outlet *Tank- Walmart *Skirt- made from maxi dress *Sandals- Beall's Outlet *Necklace- Walmart

Last Wednesday evening, I was feeling a little under the weather, but there were several things I was supposed to do at church that night, so I felt like I HAD to go. So, I wore what I call "church pajamas"... this outfit is SOOO comfy! The top is really soft and I really love how comfy this dress-turned-skirt is. And I don't think it looks TOO much like I just didn't care that night... ;) And, in case you're wondering, I started feeling better almost immediately once I actually got to church. I think I just got too hot and once I got in the air conditioning (our house has swamp coolers), I felt better.

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