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For this Thrifted Thursday, we have an extra special treat- a guest post!! I asked my mother-in-law, Myrtis Caudill, to share some tips about thrifting. She is one of the people who influenced me to really start thrifting seriously. We'd go visit N's family & I'd see all of the really nice, high quality things they'd found at thrift stores and yard sales and it really inspired me to try out thrifting more seriously for myself. I'm really excited to share her tips with you!


From my mom-in-law:

I have been thrifting for all of my adult life. I would say that I thrifted when thrifting wasn't cool. Today thrifting is cool and most people have done it one way or another.

There are three F's that I use to describe thrifting.

1. Fun. Thrifting can be a fun thing to do. One never knows what is lurking on the shelves, in boxes or on the hangers. I have found so many unique items for myself as well as for family members. Recently at a garage sale I found a brand new homemade item that I am going to give to my favorite daughter-in-law. I know that she likes this item and when I saw it I just had to get it for her. The material to make this item would cost about 10 times what I paid for it already made. That has happened so often, finding things for others more often than for myself. I love it!!

2. Frugal. Saving money is always in style. Being a frugal shopper makes me feel good about spending the money. The quality does not suffer, in fact most things that are thrifted are better quality than some department store items. Just be sure to look it over very well. There could be some cuts, tears or stains and that is not being frugal if you have to throw it out. Recently I bought a nice jacket for my granddaughter thinking it was perfect. After getting home and looking it over, I realized that the inside of the jacket had skulls and crossbones. No way am I going to let her wear that even when she tried to convince me that no one would see it. The jacket went back into the donation box.

3. Fantastic. I love the fantastic feeling I get when I find something that I have been looking for and the price is just pennies on the dollar for that same item brand new. If you look carefully you can go home with a high end, name brand, pricey item for very little money.

That's just a few thoughts from this grandma who has been thrifting for a long, long time. I hope you have enjoyed my musings.

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