Easter Sunday (A Little Late)

Who: M
When: 4/8/12
Where: Church with my awesome boyfriend, lunch with friends
What: *Dress-JC Penney-gift from David :) *Shoes-Catos $10ish *Necklace-gift

Easter Sunday!! Growing up, Easter Sunday meant new shoes, new dress, and egg dying and hunting! So many fun memories! I actually still have a teddy bear somewhere from an egg hunting days! At the age of 6, I learned and understood the real meaning of Easter-the day that Jesus rose from the grave!! At age 6, I realized that Jesus died for me but did not stay dead!! He arose and is now preparing a place for me!! I am still amazed that God would do all that just for me, because He loves me!! When I realized all of this, I accepted by faith that Jesus is the only way to Heaven, and that He wants me to go there! I decided that I wanted to trust Him to take me to Heaven! The BEST decision I ever made! So grateful for the love of God!!

Now on to more trivial matters... The dress in this post was one of the many things David purchased for me on my trip to the US! When we went out shopping, I must have tried on like 12 dresses!! As soon as David saw this dress, he says, "Definitely getting that one!" We wound up with 3 dresses, but David wanted me to wear the green one for church! Only one small problem, I had NO idea what shoes I to wear!! Luckily, I remembered about these cute sandals...even more luckily that my mom had not given them away!! And the best of all that the weather was cooperating so I could wear sandals!!

Also...adding a picture of my handsome boyfriend cutting the delicious ice cream cake for dessert!

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