Back in The USA

Who: M
When: 4/7/12
Where: Day 3 of trip to meet David- Visiting David's bus route and family night
What: *Paisley dress-Ross $10 *Grey belt-Ross $5 *Grey tights-Walmart $3 *Undershirt-Walmart $5 *Grey shoes-GAP, gift *Necklace-gift *Bracelet-$2 *Flower-borrowed

What an AWESOME day!!! I was able to spend the entire day with David! We went to Chicago to visit his church bus route. I really enjoyed meeting so many of the people that he has invested time in and hearing how much they all love David! Let me just say, that I had already decided that I liked David a lot, but I was happy to find out that he was as awesome in person as he seemed to be by phone! Oh, and to my outfit...Well, since I live in Mexico and it is ALWAYS hot here, most of my clothes are not designed for cold weather. David had mentioned that he really like this dress from an earlier post, so I wanted to wear it. I added the tights to ward off the cold, which thankfully was not extreme! The final touch of a light sweater completed the outfit and kept me warm :)

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