Pop of Preppy Pastel

Who: J
When: 4/8/12 (Resurrection Sunday)
Where: Evening service at church
What: *Black top- store at mall (I can't remember the name!) *Grey jacket- Cato's *Pink argyle skirt- made from a Tommy Hilfiger bed sheet *Shoes- Cato's *Necklace- The Jewelry Box *Purse- Nine West, Ross *Flower headband- Charming Charlie's

This wasn't my "official" Easter outfit (I'll post pictures of that later), but I DID wear it on Easter... so maybe it can be "Easter Outfit Part II." I didn't feel like wearing the same dress Sunday night that I wore that morning, but I still wanted something spring-y and light, so I decided on this pink skirt. This skirt/ top/ sweater combo was actually like the 3rd or 4th combo I tried, and I like the black, grey, and pink together... I might actually wear this one again!! I had forgotten how much I love this argyle print... very fun!

P. S. We're participating in Everybody Everywear Pastels today- click the link below to head on over and check out everybody's springy pastels!!

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  1. I love that skirt!! It looks to great with the bolero and flower in your hair! Lovely spring look.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can't believe that skirt is made from a bed skirt... awesome!



  3. I love that flower headband. Very pretty!

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