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Ok, before you see the following pictures, you have to promise not to laugh... or be horrified... or be jealous (I'm being sarcastic on that one). A while back, I posted about my resolution to get in better shape, and I talked about what I wear to the gym. In that post, I hinted that I might take some pictures of one of my gym outfits and post them here. Please keep in mind that in these pics, I have no make- up on, and fashion is not my first priority when I'm working out. I just want to show you that you can work out and still be modest, and not look like a total doofus (at least I hope I don't!). So please be kind! ;)

Who: J
When: 4/26/12
Where: The gym
What: *Purple tee- Kohl's in Florida *Brown shorts- Target, on sale for $3!! *Tennies- New Balance, DSW, on sale for $30 *Wristlet- Mary Kay *Sunglasses- Dollar General

So there you have it... what I look like when I work out. I try to pick t-shirts that are looser so I can move better. I used to borrow N's tees all the time, but the necks on his are higher and ride up and choke me (ok, fine, so technically I'm not "choking," but it's annoying). I always keep an eye out for men's basketball or board shorts that are long enough to go to my knees, and then buy them a couple of sizes too big. Most shorts have a drawstring waist so I can just cinch in the waist but still have them be loose through the rest of the shorts. I bought these New Balance shoes at a DSW a couple of years ago... I think it's probably time for a new pair. I love that New Balance has shoes that you can customize with your own color combos online-check it out! I don't think I'll be shelling out that kind of money for running shoes, though... I'll probably head over to the factory outlet here in El Paso and pick up a pair for a lot cheaper. And that's about it- comfy, modest, and I hope, not too frumpy!

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