You're My Favorite Color, Camouflage

Who: J
When: 4/16/12
Where: Grocery shopping
What: *Camo tee- Kmart *Turquoise tank- Target *Denim skirt- thrifted *Brown sandals- Beall's Outlet *Necklace- gift from M

I promise that I ironed this skirt... really! I did! There were just a few wrinkles that WOULD NOT COME OUT!! Grrrr...  Anyway... I mentioned in a previous post that I'm trying to "snazz up" my usual summer uniform of tees and denim skirts. Here, I added a necklace from M & "nicer" sandals (not flip flops) to try to make it look a little more like I actually care ;). But, you'll probably also see lots of pics this summer where I'm just wearing a tee, a denim skirt, and flip flops... Hey, it works for me! :)

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