Wind In My Hair

Who: J
When: 4/11/12
Where: Mid-week service at church
What: *White top- Target *Pink top- Walmart *Khaki skirt- thrifted *Brown sandals- Beall's Outlet in Willcox, AZ *Purse- Coach, gift from husband *Necklace- gift from M *Bracelet- thrifted

As you may be able to tell, it was a little windy on the evening that we took these pictures. So, my hair was blowing across my face... and getting stuck in my lip gloss... fun, right? Oh well, it makes for a cool picture! I like this white jacket as a lightweight layering option, but sometimes I struggle with how sheer the sleeves are. You can see the sleeves of the top underneath and sometimes I don't like how that looks... but, I just cuffed and pushed the sleeves up and I think it turned out ok!

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