In The Classroom

Who: M
When: 3/28/12
Where: School
What: *Skirt-gift *Shirt-thrifted *Vest-thrifted *Necklace-gift *Bracelet-dollar jewelry store *Shoes-Mexican catalog  *Flower-made by one of the girls that I live with

SO I decided to take some chillaxing pictures in my classroom. I might add that I don't usually lounge around on the desks at Most of the items in this outfit you have seen once or twice already, but David, the awesome guy I am in a relationship with, really likes the red vest, so I thought I would do another post with it!

I LOVE this black skirt. One of my friends gave it to me (she bought it and it didn't fit her...sad for her, happy for I am so blessed to have awesome friends. These pics were taken by one of the girls in the children's home where I work. It was a fun time...even though she took like 15 pictures in order to get these GOtta love teenagers :)

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