Shop 'Til You Drop

Who: M
When: 4/5/12
Where: Soulwinning, lunch, and SHOPPING :)
What: *Khaki skirt-Bass $15 *Black shirt-thrifted $2 *Red tights-Walmart, $4.50 *Red shoes-Mexico $20 *Necklace-$1

So if you asked me what my three favorite things to do are, I will answer "Eat, shop, and go soulwinning!!"  So, as you can see, this was the perfect Thursday for me since I got to do all three of these things, and I got to do them with some of my favorite people: my wonderful mom and my AWESOME boyfriend, David! The dresses that I am holding in my picture are just some of the things he bought me while I was in the States.

The day started out with soulwinning with my mom- what a privilege to go share the Good News with my mom!! Unfortunately, it was slightly colder than I was prepared for, but as long as I stayed in the sun, I was good. :) Then off to lunch and shopping with my mom and David. Shopping is fun, but shopping with someone who is going to pay for all your stuff is so MUCH more fun!! :) David really spoiled me. He told me he wanted to buy me a dress for Easter Sunday, but I wound up with three

Just to say a quick word about my outfit, I think one of my new favorite color combos is black, red, and khaki... BUT, this was not a wise outfit to wear for trying things on because the black tights just did not work with most of the spring colors! Oh well, gotta leave something for the imagination, right? :)

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