In Her (borrowed) Shoes

Who: M
When: 11/5/11
Where: Church visitation
What: *Jewelry- gifts, rings- vintage, from my mom *Tan cross-body bag- American Eagle, thrifted, $2 *Brown skirt- Express, thrifted, $1 or $2 *Turquoise top- New York & Co., approx. $12 *Turquoise wedges- borrowed from friend (pictured in the last pic)

Saturday and Sunday are my "days off" from wearing black and white...So I try to add color and variety to my outfits these days. Saturday is the day we head out to invite people to church and visit those who already ride the bus with us (the us being the family I live with...which includes 18 girls ;)) The outfit I chose for today is one of my favorite color combos and is perfect for a day of walking up the steep dirt roads to get to everyone's house. The skirt is probably one of my favorite finds ever at a thrift is cute, comfortable, and can be dressed up or down! I try to look for items like these while I am shopping that can be used in a variety of outfits.
Part of what I am doing here in Mexico is working with a children's home... which is why I live with 18 girls!! At times it can be, very everything!!! At any rate, it has its advantages. Since 8 of the girls are teenagers, I have an endless supply of shoes that I can borrow... I am sure you will see more of the borrowed shoes in the future!!

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