25 years and still going strong

Who: M's mom
When: 11/13/11
Where: Vow Renewal
What: *Brown and white dress-thrifted, $6, *White Sweater-gift *Brown shoes-Sketchers, thrifted, $6 *Brown necklace-borrowed from me ;)

The reason I visited the States was to attend the 25th Anniversary party/vow renewal of my parents, so I thought it would be fitting to feature my mom on her big day!!! So here she is, as beautiful as ever.

As you can see in the description of her outfit, I get my “thrifting” abilities from my mother! She looked fabulous in her thrifted dress and shoes. I want to put in an aside here that she actually looked for a dress in Fashion Bug and JCP first and found nothing that she liked.

She was SUPER excited and a bit nervous (as was my dad), but everything went splendidly!! One of my florist friends gave them their flowers and corsages! It was an awesome day with all the family together for the event. I added a pic of all the sisters and sister-in-law, so you can see my fantasticly fashionable family!


  1. Cute dress, and that must have been a fun time! :)


  2. It was an awesome time!!! So glad I was able to be there with them! -M


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