Hick Chick

Super cheesy "fake" smile alert!

Who: J
When: 11/10/11
Where: BBQ with N's "team" from work
What: *Aviators (on head)- Panama Jack, Walmart, $10 *Blue & purple plaid flannel shirt- Arizona Jean Company, thrifted, $4 *Gray tank (under flannel shirt)- Target, on sale for $4 *Denim skirt- Cato's, shortened and obviously well-loved, approx $15 *Black tights- Walmart, $5 *Black boots- Apostrophe, Sears, $30 *Silver initial necklace- Gift from N (from Tiffany's!!!)

I've been looking for a plaid flannel shirt for quite some time now. I had a few criteria- I didn't want to pay too much for it, it had to be at least a little feminine, it had to be soft and just the right thickness, and I had to LOVE it. Well... guess what? I found this shirt at Goodwill, I think the colors and the way it fits me make it girl- appropriate (even though it's a man's shirt), it is SO soft and the right amount of "worn-in", and after wearing it for several hours (and the next morning for a quick donut run), I do truly LOVE it! I don't mind that it makes me look like a hick... After all, I am from a town of 3500 people where the "cool" thing to do is cruise up and down Haskell and turn around in the Circle K parking lot. This is my new favorite winter shirt... I wonder if I can wear it to church.... teasing (kind of)!

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