Double Scarves

Who: J
When: 11/14/11
Where: Grocery shopping
What: *Blue hooded sweater- Kmart, on sale for $11 *Purple and black scarf- gift from my inlaws *Purple knitted scarf- gift from my former boss *Denim skirt- thrifted and shortened, $5 *Purple flats- thrifted, $3 *Silver hoops- I honestly don't remember where they came from or how much they were *Purse- Coach, gift from N

A while back, I saw someone on a style blog wearing two scarves and I thought it looked fantastic... I just can't remember where... but I promise I saw it!! I didn't just make it up as an excuse to wear two scarves at once! I should have pinned it to my pinterest, but I didn't. Anyways... this is my take on double scarves.
I used to wear these hoop earrings all the time. Seriously, like ALL the time. They were kind of "my thing." I don't wear them as much anymore, but I do still like them. Silver hoops just seem like they go with pretty much everything and finish off an outfit nicely, ya know?

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  1. I'm going thru reading all ur blogs at once. I'm loving all ur outfits and wishing you still lived in the room next to me so I could borrow everything! I must not be a total fashion disaster cuz I have the exact same sweater hoodie :) and hoop earrings are MY thing now :)


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