Grey Area

Who: M
When: 11/9/11
Where: Teaching school
What: * White shirt-gift *Grey undershirt- Walmart, $5 *Black skirt- Geoffrey Beane, gift *Grey belt-borrowed *Grey flats- borrowed *Grey flower necklace- birthday gift

Ok, I am gonna call this my free outfit. I just realized the only thing I actually paid for was my undershirt and my ring that you cannot really see!!! Black, white, and grey are classic colors to pair up. I was really pleased by how this outfit came together. The shirt was given to me and at first I was really unimpressed with it because it is shapeless and long, but pairing it with this cool silver belt brought new life to it. 

The last picture features some of my photographers/students ;) Not sure that we are ready for vogue yet, but we are learning and having fun!

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