Leavin' on a jet plane

Who: M
When: 11/15/11
Where: Getting a new hairstyle and packing
What: *Grey turtleneck-Sears or JCP $7, Green vest-gift *Silver tights-Walmart $1 *Black skirt-H&M, $10 (end of season sale!) *Black shoes-gift *Silver necklace- Premier jewelry , $25

My last full day in the States….so I had to tie up the loose ends, as in get my hair cut, try to figure out how all of this stuff was gonna fit in my suitcase along with a frozen 20 lb. Turkey…
Some of these clothes are repeated from earlier in the week, like the turtleneck and shoes, but I had only a few things to work with...lol. These tights are some of my favorites!!! I love the added bling that they bring to any outfit!
I included the pic of me and my sis because I want to steal her sweater...hee hee.
As a side note, I did get my suitcases packed, all the stuff did NOT fit!!! 


  1. I hate packing! Such a chore. But unpacking is even worse! Safe travels!

  2. I am with you! I hate packing, so I usually wait until after midnight on the day before I leave to pack!


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