Bracelets and Bratwursts

Who: J
When: 11/20/11
Where: Sunday services at church
What: *Aviators- Panama Jack, Walmart, $10 *Green/ blue top- Beall's outlet, Willcox AZ, approx $10 *Black cardigan- Walmart, a looong time ago, approx $15 (?) *Plum(ish) skirt- Evan-Picone, thrifted, $4 *Tights- Walmart, $7 *Flats- American Eagle, Payless, approx $10 *Long black necklace- Kohl's, approx $9 *Silver and green necklace (that you can't really see)- gift from N from Afghanistan *Green beaded bracelets- German Christmas Fair, $1 each

On Sundays, I usually like to wear heels... but on this particular day, I woke up feeling a little tired and just wanted to wear flats. Do you ever have those days? Looking at these pictures, I realize that the mid-length skirt and flats may have made me look a little short, but at 5'7", that's not something that happens very often so I'm ok with that.
On Saturday, N and I went to the German Christmas Fair on post (Ft. Bliss). It was madness, sheer madness, I tell you! That place was packed! We did manage to come away with these bracelets, some cookies, and THE BEST bratwursts I've had in forever. Seriously, delicious! Even N liked them, and he doesn't normally like brats. Braving the crowd was definitely worth it for those brats!

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