Black and white and pink all over...

Who: M
When: 11/3/11
Where: Teaching & mid-week church service
What: *Denim jacket- gift from friend *Skirt- Ross (love that store!!), $10 *White shirt- Suburbia (Mexico), 124 pesos (about $12) *Pink tank- Kmart, $7 *Flower in hair- gift from students *Shoes- outdoor market, 15 pesos (about $1.20) *Watch- gift from super cool friend (J!) *Earrings and necklace- thrifted.

To start off the blog, I thought I would use my black and white variations...Right now I am teaching in Mexico. If you read about my style under our questions and answers section, you might remember that my unique style is lots of colors...and well, imagine my surprise when I found out the uniform for the school teachers is black and white!!! Well, I immediately started doing several things: A. looking in thrift stores for black skirts and white shirts since I owned a total of one of each!!! B. collecting undershirts of every bright color you can imagine, C. buying accessories to match the colors of all my bright colored undershirts...
So here is day one of my style variations of black and white. Hope you enjoy and maybe find something useful you can add to your wardrobe if you ever find yourself in this situation :)

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  1. Ooohh!! This is fun... I want to follow :) I love following blogs. Thanks for sharing!


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