The blessings of free stuff!

Who: M
When: 11/7/11
Where: Teaching school, evening classes
What: *White shirt- J. Crew, thrifted, $2 *Black skirt-1929 Style, thrifted, $1 *Blue and black argyle vest-gift from my sister *Houndstooth checked shoes-gift *Blue, black, & white necklace-Dots, $12 *Flower headband- birthday gift

As I am writing all the details of all my outfits for this blog, I am really amazed at how much of my clothes, jewelry, and even shoes have just been given to me! I am always amazed at the goodness of God, but it just hit me again when I saw it in writing!  
Mondays are a fun day for me! I get to teach AND learn ;) I teach in the morning and afternoon, then at 6, I get to go to some classes that are offered through the Bible Institute at the church here. One of the pictures features me studying for my upcoming test in Spanish...yikes!!


  1. clothing, shoes and accessories do make the best gifts! Love your layered necklace.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. M, you have THE best shoes!


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