Miss American Pie

Who: M
When: 11/12/11
Where: Shopping at the mall, baking at my sister's house
What: *Grey turtleneck-Sears or JCP, $7 *Black puffy vest-thrifted, $2 *Tan skirt-Bass, $14 *Purple tights-Walmart $2 or $4 *Flats-gift *necklace and earrings-borrowed from my sister (she got them at Charming Charlies)

This was the perfect lazy Satuday! I was looking for something with a splash of color, so I chose purple tights to pair with my gray and black. First, we were off to the mall to do some shopping...I kinda matched the wall there, so i posed for a pic there. Found some good deals!! Spent like 3 hours at the mall- my brother-in-law was SO ready to leave...hee hee, but i needed to take advantage of the mall, I hadn’t been there in months!! Then it was off to my other sister’s house for a baking party! WE made pies and cookies! YUMMY!!! I ate most of the cookies! Also got to spend some quality time with the nephews...ok, well, my nephew and my sister’s dog!

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