One of those days

Who: J
When: 11/9/11
Where: Mid-week church service
What: *Green long sleeved tee- Walmart (2010), approx $10 *Grey sweater- Cato's, $20 *Black linen skirt- Old Navy (2005), approx $20 *Black boots- Apostrophe, Sears (2010) $30 *Black necklace- Kohl's (2010), approx $9 *Small silver and green necklace- gift from N from Afghanistan

Wow... today has just been "one of those days"... You know, the ones where you can't do anything right. I even had a hard time getting any good photos of my outfit. Oh well! :)
My hair is extra big tonight because I saw this hairstyle on Pinterest and tried to copy it. I think it looks bigger in real life than in these pictures. See, another thing that didn't quite go how I wanted it to today... ;) I did scale it down some because I'm headed to church and I want people to be able to see around my hair... Yeah, it's funny, but also true. In the past, I have actually been accused of blocking people's view at stop signs when I'm riding shotgun. No, I'm not kidding. Yes, maybe those people were just jealous... kidding!
Anyways, here's hoping tomorrow goes a little better :)


  1. Those kind of days are the worst! But at least your hair really does look fabulous, and tomorrow is a new day.

    Chic on the Cheap

  2. Awww... thanks! And the next day WAS lots better! :)


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