Elegant Camo

Who: J
When: 11/6/11
Where: Church & Veteran's Day banquet
What: *Dress- made by me, approx. $12 *Brown cardigan- Spenser Jeremy, thrifted, $6 *Wooden bead necklace- Beall's Outlet (Willcox, AZ), approx. $5 *Leather belt with brass ring fastener- gift from sister *Antique gold heels- Target (last year), on sale for $15 *Aviator sunglasses (on head in 4th pic)- Panama Jack, Walmart, $10 * Black patent purse- Nine West from Ross, approx. $20.

This past Sunday, our church held a Veteran's Day service and banquet. Lucky me, I got to have the world's handsomest soldier as my date ;). It really was a beautiful service with patriotic music, a veteran's choir with most of the veterans in their dress uniforms, a great sermon about remembering all of the sacrifices made on our behalf, and a yummy meal. I made this dress to match with the colors of N's Class A uniform. To me, it looks like an elegant and subdued camo pattern (maybe that's just the redneck in me coming out). I was going to switch out my black purse for one that actually matched my outfit, but I was going to make N late for choir practice, so I went with the black purse. Just keeping it real, folks ;)! All in all, it was a great day with great company, and a great chance to celebrate freedom!

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  1. You made the dress? It's amazing. The whole outfit has the 50's vibe I really like. And the shoes are my favorite part :)


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