(Cute Little) Dog Days

Who: J (and Mona!)
When: 11/15/11
Where: Visitation for church
What: *Denim jacket- gift *Orange plaid skirt- Cato's (2007), approx. $20 *Brown boots- Chadwicks (2004), approx. $50 *Tooled leather belt- thrifted, $2 *Brown scarf- N's Army scarf, free to me! *Silver cowboy boot earrings- gift from parents from Tombstone

I'm not sure I should model with Mona anymore... she steals the show! I love our little (well, not so little) pit/ shepherd mix. She always has to be in the middle of everything, and since I took these pictures inside, she had to be in the middle of the shots as well. So... now everybody gets to see how cute she is!
Some of these items of clothing are pretty old... well, for me anyway. These boots are from waaaay back in my teaching days in Willcox. They've held up pretty well- just a few scratches from my naughty kitty who likes to sharpen her claws on leather.... grrr! I don't remember exactly how much they cost, but I do remember I bought them on sale at the end of the season. Not a bad price for something that has lasted this long!

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