Ahoy and Avast... or something like that...

Who: J
When: 11/18/11
Where: Pirate movie date night with N
What: *Skull and crossbones shirt- Torrid, thrifted, $3 *Red tank top- Target, approx $7 *Scarf- Miley Cyrus, Walmart, on sale for $2 *Dark wash denim skirt- Jessica London, $20 *Socks- Walmart or Target (I can't remember!!), approx $5 *Silver hoops- I can't remember *Slouchy sweater boots- Walmart in Merrillville, IN, approx $15

Yes, I am well aware that this outfit is a little crazy, and certainly a departure from my usual look. But I have a good explanation, I promise! I am a HUGE Pirates of the Caribbean fan, so Friday night, N and I rented the newest Pirates movie to watch for our movie date night. I, of course, couldn't leave it at that, so I planned a pirate themed evening. You can read all about it on my personal blog The Ginger Jar. It was a great night!
Although I probably won't be repeating this outfit in its entirety any time soon, I do really like some elements of it. I wear the boots a lot already- they're super comfy and warm. I'm also wondering if I can maybe work the skull and crossbones tshirt in with some of my regular clothes. What do you think? If it was mostly covered by a sweater, with just a hint of the "pirateness" showing? Maybe you'll see the shirt again...
One more thing, in case you don't want to take the time to read the whole pirate date post... here's the invitation I sent N by email for our date. Don't you just love Mona's face?

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