Blue bag special

Who: M
When: 11/6/11
Where: Sunday services at church
What: *Belted brown & white top-Catos, $12 *Light pink undershirt-Kmart, $7 *Brown skirt-Ross (2006), $7 *Pink heels with rose accent- gift *Jewelry- gifts *Blue purse- Jessica Simpson, Christmas gift *Bow-remake from a $1 headband

On this day,  I chose one of my fave pieces to wear- my belted top. I usually pair this top with a bright pink undershirt, but I wanted to add the turquoise accents so I chose the light pink instead. Sundays here in Guadalajara are SUPER long days, so I try to opt for comfort first and cute as a secondary objective, but in this outfit I have the perfect blend of both. I was planning on wearing my bangs straight across until I realized that needed to be cut if I planned on being able to here is how my hair turned out... not great, but I can't be perfect everyday, right?


  1. I L-O-V-E this outfit. The pink and brown are good colors for you....

  2. Lanni!!! Thanks! Good to hear from you! Glad you are enjoying the blog! And Brown and pretty much any color combo is my fave!!! :) -M


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