Turkey Day 2011

Who: J
When: 11/24/11 Thanksgiving day!!!
Where: Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' house
What: *Red tee- Cato's, approx. $7 *Brown sweater- Spenser Jeremy, thrifted, $5 *Tan skirt- thrifted, approx. $3 *Flower scarf- vintage from my grandmother *Big beaded bracelets- KMart, on sale for $2 for the pair *Pewter jeweled flats (that you can barely see)- KMart, approx. $10

For my outfit pictures for Thanksgiving day, I decided to have N take the pics in front of the sign that welcomes travelers into my hometown (where my parents still live). As you can see in the background, Willcox is a beautiful town with amazing scenery. I love love love the mountains! Whenever I see Dos Cabezas (a mountain in the Chiricahuas), I know I'm "home." Because Willcox is so small, a lot of people make fun of it, or talk about how they can't wait to leave, but it really was a wonderful place to grow up.

I usually try to wear harvest-y colors on Thanksgiving, but N was wearing red, and I wanted to match him, so I put together this outfit that I think still looks quite festive. It was great time- too much food, lots of family time, wrestle time with some of my nephews, cuddle time with one of my nieces, and then more food. How could a day be any better than that?

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  1. Glad your t-giving was fun! Those mountains in the distance are beautiful!


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