Home Sweet Home

Who: M
When: 11/11/11
Where: Hanging out at home
What: *Orange sweater-Kohl’s $10 *Undershirt-China $2 *Long denim skirt- outdoor market in Mexico, 50 pesos ($5) *Argyle socks-Christmas gift *Brown shoes- Hush Puppies, gift *Wooden beads necklace-gift from J

On Tuesday, I received an awesome surprise- omeone bought me a plane ticket to go home to attend my parents’ 25th anniversary vow renewal! I was so excited! The only setback was I would be taking about 3,000 letters to mail in the States leaving me no room in my luggage to bring clothes, shoes, and jewelry! I was not too worried though since my entire winter wardrobe is in the States… So the next few posts will be composed of whatever clothes were not in storage at my house...lol
I love dressing for cold weather (notice I did not say I love cold weather). I love the knee socks and tights!! This was the first day I was home and I had to search for all my clothes and shoes that I had at my parents’ house that were not in storage! I found the argyle socks first and decided to build my outfit around the socks ;) I thought it turned out to be a fun outfit. I must admit though I wore slippers most of the day and only put on my shoes to take the pictures...lol

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