Coffee and Snowmen

Who:  M
When: 11/21/11
Where: Starbucks, the Mexican version of Walgreens, and work
What: *Brown skirt-thrifted $2 *Yellow shirt-American Eagle, thrifted, $2 *Brown undershirt-Walmart, $6 *Brown flats-GAP, $15 *Necklace, earrings, headband, and watch (Tommy Hilfiger)-gifts *Nine West purse-gift

Gotta love working in foreign countries because you get all kind of days off for their holidays and if you work for an American like I do, you also get the American holidays off!! So Monday was one of those days off, kinda. I took a couple of the teen girls from my house to go print some of the millions of pictures we took at the wedding . I thought we should be able to do this in like 30 minutes or so…oh, but I forgot I was not in the USA! Well, almost 2 hours later, we finished the picture printing. 

Then, it was off to Starbucks- I needed a bit of America after that craziness! To my delight, Starbucks had holiday flavors. As you can see by my photos, I thoroughly enjoyed my cherry Mocha frappe!!! Another fun surprise was the cool snowman- I had to take a picture with him, since he is the closest thing I will get to snow here in Mexico. I might add that my photographer was less than thrilled that I wanted so many pictures... teenagers!!! What a fun Monday!

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