Think Pink Shoes

Who: M
When: 1/16/12
Where: Teaching school
What: *Black skirt-thrifted *White shirt-gift *Light pink undershirt-Kmart *Green beads-gift *Green flower-gift *Pink shoes-Mexican street market

So Monday morning, back to the grind! I love green and pink together (I actually love just about every color combination! lol) but I think in this outfit the colors did not pop as much as I wanted...maybe next time I will wear a dark pink undershirt. At any rate, it is what it is! This was a typical Monday is every aspect... from my hair being annoying, to my students being sleepy, to bad attitudes... the whole lot of it! The good thing is that there is only one Monday per week!! Could you imagine a week of Mondays? I am thankful that Monday comes but once a week!

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