Grey Matter

Who: M
When: 2/1/12
Where: School and tutoring and favorite thing to do!
What: *Black skirt-thrifted *White shirt-Kohl's *Grey sweater-Christmas present *Tights-don't remember *Flower-gift *Necklace-gift from J *Earrings-prize from Mary Kay *Shoes-Christmas gift from GAP

So the weather here has been chilly, actually yesterday I kept my sweater on ALL day...which was the first time I had done that As soon as J and I planned the colors for our "Month of Colors" I knew I had to incorporate this sweater into one of my outfits! I absolutely LOVE it!! Although it was my Christmas present, I picked it out. Here is the story- my mom picked my name for our gift exchange, but she didn't know what to get me. So she took me with her! So I wound up with a cute outfit and also a reading lamp! My mom is awesome!

At any rate, back to I chose my outfit based on how the weather was yesterday, mistake! Like I said, yesterday was pretty chilly, but today got pretty hot, so I was kinda roasting in my tights and long sleeves!! I am not entirely sure I like the tights with the grey shoes...but live and learn! So, day one of our month of colors done!!

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