Eye on the Prize

Who: M
When: 1/17/12
Where: Teaching Kindergarten and High School English
What: *Black skirt-Worthingtons, thrifted *White shirt-gift *Vest-gift *Necklace-prize from Mary Kay *Purple flats-GAP *Spinny ring-gift *Flower-borrowed

When I was at home at Christmas time, I met up with my Mary Kay director and she gave me the prizes I had earned while in Mexico! One of the many reasons I LOVE Mary Kay!! As soon as I got that necklace, I thought, oh this will be a great piece to center an outfit around... I thought it worked out nicely with this vest and flower...I felt very pretty and got many compliments on my outfit!

Also, I included a picture of my cool ring. I received this for a graduation gift when I graduated from high school... not going to say how long ago that was!! At any rate, I LOVE this ring. It is really unique. It has a little panther on it that spins around. Hard to describe, but always a fun piece to wear!

Note from J: During the month of February, we'll be featuring different colors and color combinations each week. For this first week, we'll be focusing on brown and grey... be sure to check back every day to see what we come up with! ;)  

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