John Deere Green

Who: J
When: 2/16/12
Where: Making pizza with N, running errands
 What: *John Deere tee- borrowed from N *Black hoodie- Walmart *Denim skirt- Cato's, shortened by me *Shoes- Payless in IN

I have a confession to make... not all of my outfits are "blog-worthy," meaning that I don't always dress up with a bunch of accessories and interesting color combinations. Sometimes, I just wear t-shirts and tennies. For some reason, I've developed a fascination with John Deere... we have several John Deere tees, a couple of hoodies, a sign, and a thermometer/ clock. Since the green and yellow fits in with our color scheme this week, I decided to go ahead and post this oufit even though it's not my usual level of blogishness (real word? probably not!).

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