Sunshine On A Cloudy Day

Who: M
When: 2/19/12
Where: Going to church in Ameca and getting lost on the way
What: *Yellow skirt-Talbots, gift *Grey sweater-Target, gift *White shirt-thrifted $2 *Grey shoes-GAP, gift *Yellow accessories-Dots, $7 *Bangle bracelets-thrifted *Yellow flower-gift

Wow, another outfit that I got practically for free!! That is awesome! Today I went with the pastor and his family to another church here in Mexico. He was to be the guest speaker...everything was going well, until, we realized we were lost!! Oops...luckily for us, NOTHING starts on time in Mexico! We (the "we" here is referring to Mrs. Murillo, I had nothing to do with called the pastor of the church where we were going, and he graciously gave us directions. We made it!! Thankfully we did NOT get lost on the way home!! :)

I chose my longest skirt to wear today for two reason: 1. It is yellow, 2. It is In many of the churches here in Mexico the women wear long skirts, anything shorter than just above your ankle is unacceptable. Since I wasn't sure how this church was, I thought I would play it safe...Well, turns out I should not have worried...

I must add that I am VERY blessed!! As you can see, I only actually purchased my shirt and jewelry. I am reminded often of God's provision in my life. I think it is awesome to think that God cares for the small things like that!

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