Play on Grey

Who: J
When: 2/5/12
Where: Church
What: *Purple cardigan- thrifted *Black top- Target *Grey plaid skirt- Penney's in LA *Black boots- Sears *Pearl earrings- Mary Kay prize*Pearl and silver long necklace- I'm not sure... *Short grey pearl necklace- vintage, inherited from my grandma

M and I are still working on our "brown and grey" week for the "month of color" we're doing. I think I need more brown clothes... it seems the majority of my posts for this week are based on grey. Hmmm... something to shop for! ;) 

I don't wear this grey plaid skirt as much as I wear my other grey skirt that I bought at the same time. The plaid has tiny lines of purple-ish pink, so that makes it harder to pair with stuff. I'm glad I dug it out for this outfit, though- it was really comfortable and I like how it looks with the purple and the black!

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