Going Dotty

Who: M
When: 2/6/12
Where: Church, children's bus route, making carrot cake :)
What: *Black and white dress-Catos *Red shoes-Mexico *Flower headband-borrowed *Necklace-borrowed *Bracelet-dollar store *Rings-gift

Sundays are fun days here in Mexico!! I am always super busy, but it is a good busy! My day starts off early- around 6am, no lazy weekends here! By 7 or 7:30 it is off to the bus route. Once we have the bus filled to overflowing (we once had 130 on a 70 passenger bus!) it is off to church we go... once there, I head to the 2-4 year old class. By the time church is over (around 1:30ish), I am tired and hungry! It is a good tired, though...lol. This particular Sunday was no different! After church, I headed over to the Pastor's house for lunch. Once there we decided to make carrot cake- my favorite!!! The only twist in the story is I had never made it from scratch before... thankfully, the cake was scrumptious!!

Oh, about my outfit! This is one of my all time favorite dresses! It is a fun print and can be accesorized in so many colors and ways. I really liked how the red added some pizzaz to the black and white. Cool fact about the dress is that it has pockets!! Which I LOVE, although sometimes I forget...lol

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