Party Time!

Who: M
When: 2/5/12
Where: Visiting the children's bus route and going to a birthday party!
What: *Grey plaid dress-Christmas present *Shoes-Meijers *Tights-Target *Pink flower-Forever 21 *Silver tree necklace-gift from J *Earrings-Catos

This was a super fun day and outfit! When I put on the dress, I thought it was a bit short, so I added the tights to compensate. I thought the tights were perfect!! You cannot really tell from the pictures, but the dress does actually have a thin line of pink in the design. The sun was extra bright on Saturday, and I sunburned my neck a bit, so that matched my tights too!

The birthday party was for the brothers of one of my friends. Since they were turning ten and five, they had a pinata- I helped break it! Also they had a inflatable jumping thing, I played on that for a while, but no photos of that, sorry... lol.   The place that we had the party was actually a farm type place. They had the most beautiful peacocks, but I couldn't get a picture of them. At any rate, it was a fun day of playing and eating!

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