M's 3 Favorite Colors

Who: J
When: 2/15/12
Where: Midweek service at church
What: *Green shirt- Walmart *Orange sweater- Cato *Purple skirt- thrifted *Brown scarf- N's Army scarf, borrowed *Boots- Chadwick's

A while back, M and I decided that for the last day of our "month of color", we were going to wear each other's 3 favorite colors. M's were green, orange, and purple. At first, I had no idea how I was going to make that work, but as I was searching my closet for an outfit one day, I came up with this... I think it turned out pretty cute! It looks kind of fall-ish, but I think it still works! I like that the purple is pretty subtle... it's almost brown so it reads as a neutral. Fun stuff!

I borrowed this brown scarf from my husband... it's actually his Army issue scarf for when it's cold, but I needed a neutral colored scarf to help these colors work together. It looks better on me anyway... ;)

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