Red and Pink Week

Who: J
When: 2/6/12
Where: Ladies' fellowship at church
What: *Red cardigan- Target *Flower-y dress- thrifted, $9 *White tank- I think maybe Walmart *Brown boots- Chadwick's 

Why is my face not in some of these pictures, you ask? In the pictures where I like how the pose looked, I was making weird faces... and the pictures where I like my facial expression, I was standing weird or the dress was poofing out... so, I'm chopped up in pieces... well, my pictures are, at least.

This week starts our "red and pink" week for our "month of color." I bought this dress a while back at Twice As Nice in Sierra Vista. It's a little big on me, which can make it poof out weird if I don't button a sweater just right over it, but the flowers make me feel very pretty and lady-like. I like that it's kind of Valentine-y. Check back every day to see what M and I come up for red and pink!

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