Believe in Pink

Who: M
When: 11/23/11
Where: Teaching, getting ready for Thanksgiving
What: *White shirt- George, free *Skirt- Geoffrey Beene, gift *Pink flower in hair- gift *Turquoise belt-actually a headband, gift *Pink shoes- 50 pesos ($5)

Okay, so this was a fun day!!! First school, then off to help at my boss's house! The fun thing was that I got to bake all the pies for Thanksgiving (yes I know these are from a long time ago...)!

I really love the turquoise and pink together...and had every intention of wearing the headband as a headband, but unfortunately my hair was not cooperating!! But I am quite stubborn and was determined to incoporate this headband into an outfit, so I compromised and used it as a belt...I think it turned out nicely!

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