Off to Church

Who: M
When: 12/3/11
Where: Church
What: *Plaid skirt-borrowed *Black blouse-thrifted *Red lacy undershirt-gift *Nine west shoes-thrifted *Jewelry-gift *Headband-gift

Oh how I love Sundays!! Always a busy and fruitful day!! This particular Sunday proved to be quite the day! It was the second week of the big winter push we have down here in Mexic. Since the girls from my house had brought about 140 people to church the previous week on ONE bus (and yes the bus was only a 70 passenger bus...), the pastor rented an extra bus for us to fill up :) Knowing that I would probably be doing a great deal of standing and walking, I opted for my more practical and comfortable shoes. Turned out that was a VERY good choice, since I did not sit at all on the bus!

On a side note, I like how this outfit looked, but hated how it wore (can I say At any rate, the undershirt was too big and uncomfortable, so I decided to give it away...always purging my closet to make way for the new and improved. The next time I wear (borrow) this skirt I think I will match it up with bright pink.

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